Green II Energy consultant, designs, builds, and tests homes and buildings for energy efficiency and green building.

Green and energy efficient building is about efficiency and durability. This practice expands and complements the classical building design and concerns of economically, utility, durability, and comfort.

At Green II Energy, we consult and design homes that are sustainable and high performing. Our services enable you to create a better, more efficient homes that are beneficial to your family and community.

Start Going Green Today

Green construction methods can be integrated into buildings at any stage, from design and construction, to renovation and deconstruction. However, the most significant benefits can be obtained if the design and construction team takes an integrated approach from the earliest stages of a building project. Potential benefits of green building can include:


    •    Enhance and protect biodiversity and ecosystems
    •    Improve air and water quality
    •    Reduce waste streams
    •    Conserve and restore natural resources Economic benefits
    •    Reduce operating costs
    •    Create, expand, and shape markets for green product and services
    •    Improve occupant productivity
    •    Optimize life-cycle economic performance


    •    Enhance occupant comfort and health
    •    Heighten aesthetic qualities
    •    Minimize strain on local infrastructure
    •    Improve overall quality of life

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